Hokkaido is second largest island of Northern Japan. Hokkaido Restaurant founder Hiroshi Kubota had lived on Hokkaido Island for 15 years.
Coming from a family of buffet style restaurant specialists Mr. Kubota know how to
prepare food and to make them healthy. Hokkaido Restaurant serves mostly Japanese and Chinese gourmet dishes.
The restaurant is a self-service buffet model,
with friendly waiters and waitresses bringing the best customer dining experiences.
The restaurant features Teppanyaki Grill (Hibachi), fresh vegetables, organic salads, and varieties of seafood and hot food.
Birthday & anniversary parties
Corporate & business events
Social gathering, charitable events, ceremony, and more...
Meetings or banquets
10% Refundable deposit required upon confirmation for group reservation
More than 225 room capacity
Reservations accepted for groups of more than 12 people
Limit 2-2½ hours per table (Contact us for special conditions)